About the Office of Rewidends and Advisors

We have been operating as an auditing and bookkeeping company since 1993
KRD Sp. z o.o. was entered on the list of audit firms kept by the National Council of Statutory Auditors under reg. number 926
Operating for many years on the auditing and bookkeeping market, we cooperate with many business entities representing various sectors of the economy, which allowed us to gain extensive experience.
Gained experience, as well as cooperation with tax advisors, statutory auditors and lawyers with many years of professional practice, provide services of high standard and quality of work.
We constantly update and expand our knowledge, which allow us to carry out orders of various degrees of difficulty.
For entities we work with, we try to be a partner open to problem solving on an ongoing basis. We strive to identify the needs of our clients both as part of bookkeeping and audit of financial statements or in the area of management accounting and ongoing tax advisory.

The staff of our company are:

  • Krzysztof Kluczek - tax advisor number 4747, a graduate and former researcher at SGPiS (currently the Warsaw School of Economics). Partner and co-founder of the company KRD Sp. z o.o. Has many years of experience in the position of chief accountant, financial director, tax advisor, as well as in keeping accounting books. At KRD Sp. z o.o. is involved in the supervision of the services provided by the company and in the implementation of ongoing consulting projects.
  • Wiesława Kępczyńska-Skiba - statutory auditor, reg. number 7321, graduate of SGPiS, (currently SGH in Warsaw), Partner and the co-founder of the KRD Sp. z o.o. She gained experience in fiscal control offices and then in keeping accounting books and long-term auditing of financial statements;
  • Anna Kluczek - accounting specialist - ACCA qualifications, a graduate of SGPiS, (currently SGH in Warsaw).She has many years of experience in the position of chief accountant, financial director and bookkeeping services .

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