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Accounting and auditing services - Kancelaria Rewidentów i Doradców

We want our services to be tailored to needs of our customer . At the same time, in accordance with the code of ethics that applies to us, we consider whether we can undertake the task , taking into account the assessment of our independence.
We guarantee full confidentiality of the information provided by the customer .
Our activity is covered by third party liability insurance.
Each of the services as well as clients have their own specificity. That is why we define its subject and scope individually with everyone and on this basis we make a valuation of the service.
In terms of bookkeeping, we offer our clients individual care of a dedicated employee.
For employees who are not certified as an auditor or tax advisor, he will always work under the supervision of a statutory auditor and / or tax advisor. This method of cooperation will ensure the care and safety of the client in the maze of tax, balance sheet, labor law and other regulations. It is a solution that helps to avoid mistakes caused both by routine and not always full knowledge of regular employees.
If you are interested, please let us know. We will contact you as soon as possible.


Our offer includes services in the field of:

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