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The main area of ​​activity of KRD Sp. z o. o is an audit of financial statements and bookkeeping .
These services are provided by people with many years of experience.
As part of our audit services, we perform financial audit and other attestation services reserved for statutory auditors. We treat the audit of financial statements more broadly than the fulfillment of a statutory obligation. As part of the services we provide to the client, we share our observations, which is an additional benefit for our clients.
As part of the audit services , we provide the following types of services:
- audit of separate and consolidated financial statements
- audit of the use of EU funds,
- other audit services, including:
▪ analysis of merger, transformation and division plans and other reports resulting from the provisions of the Commercial Companies Code
▪ reviews of financial statements
▪ auditing the reports of the founders of a joint-stock company
▪ data compilations

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Our experience, as well as cooperation with tax advisors, statutory auditors and lawyers , ensure high standard of services.
We are aware that meeting the constantly changing tax and accounting regulations is a challenge for many entities. As part of our services in the area of ​​accounting and financial reporting, we can provide support or take over tasks in the following areas:
- bookkeeping services,
- keeping a tax book of revenues and expenses in accordance with applicable regulations,
- reporting to the Central Statistical Office, payroll services, i.e. monthly calculations and settlements of salaries and taxes on salaries, preparation of declarations for ZUS purposes, registration and deregistration from ZUS
- reporting according to customer needs
- supervision over accounting books,
- preparation of financial statements and consolidation packages.

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Ongoing tax consultancy
As part of our work, we help clients in all tax issues that arise in their day-to-day operations, in particular by:
- preparing tax opinions,
- preparing applications for issuing tax interpretations.

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- review of the accounting principles applied and the impact on the valuation of individual assets and liabilities, review of statements for the correct valuation of assets and liabilities
- economic and financial analyzes
- preparation of business plans
- business valuations carried out using accounting and income methods.

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